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It’s 9,000 times over 9,000!!!

Dragon Ball Kai may very well be the greatest thing to ever grace humanity, the planet, and everything else in existence since the dawn of time. And possibly even before then, too.

So yeah, I admit there may be some nostalgia-ladened bias in that statement, but honestly, how can you watch this show and not be as happy and giddy as a little kid again? (By being a grumpy ol’ curmudgeon who hates happiness, fun, and anything else that’s right in the world, that’s how. But screw those guys. Let them live in their colorless, DBK-empty lives.)

The truth is that Akira Toriyama is simply the one true genius to rule all geniuses. Shut up, Einstein, and sit the fuck down, Shakespeare. As much as I loved DBZ back in the day, hindsight makes it painfully clear what a sorry mess that was with all the stall tactics and hideous filler (Goku and Piccolo taking driving lessons obviously being the sole exception, of course).

However, at the base of it was something pure and fantastic, the thing that motivated me to sludge through the crap and ride out the 5+ episodes it took for Goku to fly two goddamn feet.

“F#%K! Ah, it’s okay, I’ll be back in a couple episodes.”

That special something is what DB Kai is all about. Gone are the pointlessly dragged out stare-downs, the hours upon hours of reaction shots, and anything else that stands in our way of blissful entertainment. Each episode is simply one epic event after another, and it never lets up. Ever. I mean, not even two or three episodes passed by following Vegeta’s bitter defeat to Earth’s Greatest Champion before they were already globetrotting around on Namek! Freaking Namek!!

“See? Good as new.”

…and all this was just my impression of the show before the Ginyu Force made their grand appearance.

Getting the band back together again.

The brilliant fools. Needless to say, minds were blown, the earth was shaken, women and children cried in the streets while men wept manly tears of joy. So get started on watching this timeless classic in the making if you haven’t already. It’s also scientifically proven to make you 20 pounds lighter and live twice as long. I ain’t even gonna lie.



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  1. Hell yeah, Dragonball Kai rocks…needs more love.

    • Spread the word, brother. The DBK House of Worship needs more devotees!

  2. It’s still 50 episodes long so I want to hear final verdict from a large sample of people before I dive in, but glad to hear you’re having an absolute blast. I myself quite enjoyed manga when I was a kid, especially the original dragonball series (the one where the mangaka wasn’t forced to continue for money, from what I hear). Still enjoyed Buu’s arc though, despite the chain of transformations and power ups. But that’s because it takes one second in manga. Oh the anime was horrible when I watched it long ago…just horrible…dubbed too. But glad to hear that they fixed all that crap, so let’s see if Kai can keep this up to episode 50.

    • Btw, I quite like the character of Vegeta too. When he consciously embraced that demon guy’s curse in order to fight Goku (knowing he’s putting fate of the earth on line while doing it), and then resisted the curse by screaming ‘PRIDDEEEEEEE’.

    • Well, the storyline hasn’t changed at all, so you can pretty much guess how it’s going to go from here. I mean, unless Toei inexplicably decides to troll us and make Frieza transform into the Pink Ranger or something, I can’t imagine my opinion changing much.

      Just to clarify, it essentially is DBZ…but re-edited to take out the horrible filler, fix up the pacing, and if you watched the U.S. version, it’s free from those blasphemous Funi censorships as well.

      Oh, and Vegeta is just so much more badass in DB Kai. I know it’s silly to talk character depth when it concerns anything Dragon Ball, but he really does seem more layered than his previous renditions. Also, he kills some sucker practically every other episode. 🙂

  3. You never told me you had a blog. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t see it in your signature over on Anime Suki!

    I am not watching Kai (but I am glad to hear it is awesome) but just want to say Vegeta was always my favorite DBZ character.

    • Heya Kim, thanks for dropping by. =)

      The blog is more of a recent ‘spur of the moment’ type thing, so I didn’t really get around to plugging it all over the place just yet. I’m still trying to feel out if I wanna do this blogging thing regularly or not before I start going “hey! look at me!” only to bury it a week later.

      It’d be awesome to get you and the rest of the AA crew in on this, too. There’s a great bunch of interesting posters around there, and it’s a shame things have gotten sorta silent lately now that the forum activity went kaput.

  4. Sweet. I haven’t seen the original DB yet, so I will check this new rendition out. I see it’s not a bad time to get on board judging from the upgrades you have listed comparing with the original series. Thanks.
    -HitagiIsHot(from AS)

    • Hey there. Glad to see some AS faces around here, too. =)

      If I can convert at least one new person to the cause, then this was all worth it. I’m actually really interested to hear what a complete newcomer to the franchise would say about the show. Everyone I know who is following this already saw the original, so I wonder if it’s still as fantastic to someone without the nostalgia goggles on.

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